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Any news, sir?
**Ágafeeyó, isébo?**
Hallo, I am...
**Múna, ninzé...**

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**Thank you**
**What is the news at your place?**
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Conjugation of okuba = to be
Present Perfect Tense
Past Perfect Tense
Past Tense
Future Simple Tense
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Present Simple Tense



I am:

ndí we are: tulí
you are: olí you are: mulí
he is: alí they are: balí



After the proposition ghe (if) the following are used:


if I am:

ghe mbá if we are: ghe tubá
if you are: gh'obá if you are: ghe mubá
if he is: gh'abá if they are: ghe babá


Negative Simple Present Tense:


The negation as well as the suffix are high though the singular is different in this sense from the plural:

I am not:

tírí we are not: títúli
you are not: tólí you are not: tímúli
he is not: tálí they are not: tíbáli

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